Solstice XT

Summary: Zero-drop cross-training running shoe with firm cushioning, wide, foot-shaped toebox, and moderately flexible sole.

Solstice XT

1. Overview

The Solstice XT by Altra is an affordable heavy duty barefoot shoe for men and women designed in the United States with good overall versatility.



*Measures how "barefoot" a brand/product is; also the links below support this research with a percent of sale.

Basic Details

  • Thick: [22mm] sole for ground protection..
  • Flex: [good] bend for natural movement.
  • Width: [wide] foot-shaped toebox for splay.
  • Zero-Drop: [0mm] same height in front/back.
  • Barefoot: [feels] somewhat like barefoot.

2. Features

The Altra Solstice XT has a wide foot-shaped toebox, thick 22mm outsole, good flexibility, and minimal tread, and is made with synthetic materials.




  • Gender: [men/women] in multiple styles.
  • Materials: [synthetic] .
  • Toebox: [foot-shaped] for natural toe splay.
  • Insole: [thin] .

3. Performance

The Altra Solstice XT provides good breathability, is not water-resistant, has a minimal tread that can last for 500 miles, and is ideal for gym in cold, warm, and hot climates.


500 miles


  • Airflow: [good] breathable/wicking.
  • Water: [not] for wet terrain.
  • Activities: [1] gym.
  • Climate: [3] cold, warm, hot.

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