Crew Wool

Summary: Medium thick high-cut merino wool toe socks made with ethical fabric for hike and run.

1. Overview

The Crew Wool by Injinji is an affordable lightweight barefoot sock for men and women designed in the United States with excellent overall versatility.



*Measures how "barefoot" a brand/product is; also the links below support this research with a percent of sale.

Basic Details

  • Thin: [1mm] sole for proper ground feel.
  • Flex: [excellent] bend for natural movement.
  • Width: [wide] foot-shaped toebox for splay.
  • Zero-Drop: [0mm] same height in front/back.
  • Barefoot: [feels] like being fully barefoot.

2. Features

The Injinji Crew Wool has a wide foot-shaped toebox, super thin 1mm outsole, excellent flexibility, and none tread, and is made with wool, natural, ethical, and sustainable materials.




  • Gender: [men/women] in multiple styles.
  • Materials: [natural] wool, ethical, sustainable.
  • Toebox: [foot-shaped] for natural toe splay.
  • Insole: [thin] .

3. Performance

The Injinji Crew Wool provides excellent breathability, is not water-resistant, has a minimal tread that can last for 3000 miles, and is ideal for casual, gym, hiking, indoors, road running, trail running, and walking in freezing, cold, warm, and hot climates.


3000 miles


  • Airflow: [excellent] breathable/wicking.
  • Water: [not] for wet terrain.
  • Activities: [7] casual, gym, hiking, indoors, road running, trail running, walking.
  • Climate: [4] freezing, cold, warm, hot.

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