Mukishoes Duna: Organic Undyed Hemp/Cotton Barefoot Shoes

April 18, 2024Barefoot casual shoes with an extra-wide organic undyed hemp/cotton upper and minimal sole.

Hello, my name’s Andrew and these are the Mukishoes Duna, a lightweight barefoot shoe with an extra-wide toebox, organic hemp/cotton upper, and minimal zero-drop sole for urban casual.


Back in February I tested the Wildling Chestnut, which is a super light and flexible barefoot shoe with some excellent ground feel and flexibility, but now that it’s almost summer, the wool insulation is too warm for most days.

Mukishoes Duna Features Showcase Desk Edited

So I asked Mukishoes for a pair of their Duna’s to test, which means “Dune” in Portaguese, and with the minimalist desert-inspired canvas…

They’re basically what Timothée Chalamet would wear to kick back after a long day of zooming around in ornithopters and riding giant sand worms.

Mukishoes Duna Review Extra Wide Toebox Desk


Because the Duna’s have an extra-wide foot-shaped toebox with a rugged yet breathable undyed organic hemp canvas upper, minimalist flat laces, reinforcement panels to prevent tear-outs, and soft organic cotton lining.

Mukishoes Duna Review Lining Desk


Underneath you’ve got an ultra thin 3.5mm zero-drop sole, along with a minimal tread that’s extremely flexible in all directions, rounded lugs for abrasion resistance, and stitched sole for durability.

Mukishoes Duna Review Tread Desk


Having medium width feet I found the extra-wide toebox of my lower-cut Mukishoes Jasper’s to fit a little loose, but the Duna’s tougher canvas and higher ankle definitely worked a lot better for me.

Mukishoes Duna Review Top Desk


So heading out for a walk on roads they felt more secure, but there was still tons of room for my toes to splay out and even after seven years of testing Mukishoes still reigns supreme as the barefoot brand with the best ground feel and comfort for urban terrain.

Mukishoes Duna Review Walk Side Road

Not to mention the rubber is also highly grippy and hung on to a wood board tilted up to forty-five degrees when I tested it out in my room.

Mukishoes Duna Review Sole Non Slip Board 45deg Desk

Also, the organic cotton lining and hemp canvas upper worked well together to keep my feet cool above seventy and warm down near freezing when I layered some Injinji merino toe socks with thicker Smartwool’s and a wool felt insole underneath.

Mukishoes Duna Review Pov Road Injinji Wool Socks


Because of the Duna’s sand-colored fabric I tended to avoid trails, unless they were completely dry, and although the tread can handle some light gravel, it’s better to mostly stick with pavement and concrete for longterm durability.

Mukishoes Duna Review Walk Away Heel Fence Trail

For driving and walking around stores the 3.5mm sole was incredibly comfortable and reminded me of my original 3mm Vivobarefoot Primus Lite’s, which cured my plantar fasciitis working long hours on concrete as a shoe salesman.

Mukishoes Duna Review Flex Front Road

But the Duna’s also styled well with chino pants for casual, especially with a pair of Mukishoes organic cotton socks for some vintage vibes, and the design was minimal enough to work for business and formal, as well.

Mukishoes Duna Review Side Stool Style Chino Pants
Mukishoes Duna Review Organic Cotton Socks


Overall the Mukishoes Duna is an excellent option for anyone who wants a lightweight barefoot shoe with sustainable materials and versatility for urban casual in all seasons.

Mukishoes Duna Review By Andrew Folts


Because the hemp/canvas upper is extra-wide and temperature regulating for warm and cold days, the minimalist design is super classy, whether you’re going into an office or just hanging out, and the thin 3.5mm sole provides some amazing ground feel, while being rounded enough to handle long miles on roads.

Mukishoes Duna Review Feet Up On Desk Pov

However, the Duna’s sand upper can get dirty more easily, the higher volume upper might be too roomy for narrow feet, and the minimal tread will wear down faster on rougher terrain, like gravel.

Mukishoes Duna Review 45deg Parking Lot Side


In terms of similar barefoot casual shoes…

  • Wildling Chestnut: wide toebox, lightweight hemp upper, water-resistant membrane, wool insulation, and highly flexible 3.5mm sole, and minimal tread for casual use on roads and light trails.
  • Vivobarefoot Gobi: wide toebox, sturdy water-resistant leather upper, highly flexible 4mm sole, and minimal tread for casual use on roads and light trails.
  • Vibram V-Trek: extra wide toebox, separate toes, breathable wool blend upper, extremely flexible 4mm sole, and durable firm ground tread for casual, hiking, and running on roads and trails.
  • Mukishoes Duna Review Front Road


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