Summary: Barefoot adventure sandal with 11mm sole, minimal foam footbed, semi-aggressive tread for trails, open-toe strap, heel velcro and guard, and extra-wide, foot-shaped toebox.


1. Overview

The Z-Trail by Xero Shoes is an affordable heavy duty barefoot sandal for men, women, and kids designed in the United States with great overall versatility.



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Basic Details

  • Thick: [11mm] sole for ground protection..
  • Flex: [great] bend for natural movement.
  • Width: [extra-wide] foot-shaped toebox for splay.
  • Zero-Drop: [0mm] same height in front/back.
  • Barefoot: [feels] somewhat like barefoot.

2. Features

The Xero Shoes Z-Trail has a extra-wide foot-shaped toebox, thick 11mm outsole, great flexibility, and firm ground tread, and is made with synthetic and vegan materials.




  • Gender: [men/women/kids] in multiple styles.
  • Materials: [synthetic] vegan.
  • Toebox: [foot-shaped] for natural toe splay.
  • Insole: [thin] .

3. Performance

The Xero Shoes Z-Trail provides great breathability, is not water-resistant, has a minimal tread that can last for 3000 miles, and is ideal for casual, hiking, trail running, walking, and water in warm and hot climates.


3000 miles


  • Airflow: [great] breathable/wicking.
  • Water: [not] for wet terrain.
  • Activities: [5] casual, hiking, trail running, walking, water.
  • Climate: [2] warm, hot.

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